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This is a roleplay journal for my original character, Toul. If you have any questions about Toul, her world/canon, or would like to plot something with me, feel free to ask here. There are also informational posts on this journal about Toul herself and the world she comes from.

Character Name ❋ Toul
Character Canon ❋ Original Character ❋ ProfileWorld Canon
Character Timeline ❋ After traveling to Darrowtown with Saxa and buying new clothes due to her others being damaged. Just as they were shot at by an Archer through the shop window.
Played By ❋ Altered art of Yasuko Takasu from Toradora!
Extra Details (a brief description of your AU, game, etc) ❋ Toul is an Apprentice Keymaster. Keymasters have the ability to use Magic to "unlock the doors of reality." Her Master, Galin, went missing in a house fire. She was manipulated by the Vice Minister of the Mystic Arts, Septium, into using her abilities to unlock the spell keeping the Death Reaper, Saxa, asleep until she was next needed. Because of misreading the spell Toul accidentally bound Saxa to herself, which is also what saved her own life. For more information please check the profile and world canon links above.

4th Walling?: Yes under the right circumstances, but only after discussing it with me since she is an original character. I'm definitely open talking about it!

Contact Info
Player ❋ Kathrine
Email ❋ spkathrine[at] ❋ split_persona02[at]
Dreamwidth[personal profile] spkathrine
Time Zone ❋ EST (GMT -5:00)

[IC] Inbox

Aug. 14th, 2034 06:13 pm
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Hello, this is Toul. I hope you're having a lovely day. I'm sorry but I seem to have missed your call. Please leave a message and I swear I will get back to you as soon as I receive it.


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Player Information:
Name: Kathrine
Age: over 18
Contact: spkathrine]@], plurk: chocolateisbrainfood
Other Characters Played: Kaldur’ahm ([personal profile] apologiesmyking), Richie Foley ([personal profile] gearshifting) | AC Thread

Character Information:
Name: Toul
Canon: Original Character
Canon Point: After traveling to Darrowtown with Saxa and buying new clothes due to her others being damaged. Just as they were shot at by an Archer through the shop window.
Age: 19

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Keys of Gaia

Year: 1712 AS (After Shift)
Planet: Gaia
Continent: Paltaysea
Country: Tusseri
Capital: Lavara City
Toul’s Native Village: Riverasted
Galin’s Town: Silzayra

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Name: Toul (Last Name: Removed upon becoming an Indebted Servant, goes by "Toul Galinheir" if necessary)
Age: 19
Birthdate: Unknown (she remembers it being in the Summer)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115lbs
Blood Type: O
Designation: Keymaster (also "Aimless Apprentice")

Defining Physical Characteristics: A birthmark under her right eye that looks like shapes in various sizes in a pattern, a scar around her left wrist that she covers with arm guards and leather wristbands, and ears that designate her as being a Felinus, a human evolved from a cat.

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Name/Nick: Kathrine
LJ/DW name: [personal profile] spkathrine
Other characters currently played: N/A
E-mail: spkathrine[@]
AIM/messenger: none

Character: Toul (sometimes refers to herself as “Toul Galinheir” for convenience)

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